Born and raised in South Africa. Afrocentric fashion is embedded in her heart. At age 18 Hannah left South Africa to further her education in architectural and interior design. As a side hustle during school breaks, she would attend international expos to showcase her African fashion accessories, clothing, and hand-painted art across the world to countries like Brazil, Italy, Germany, Qatar, Switzerland, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to name a few. Which depends on her love for Africa and its diverse culture. Alongside cultivating her entrepreneurial skills, which prepared her for the present day.

Her travels and education led her to the realization that the global direction of the world will be led by Africa and its fashion industry is on the rise.

In the wake of Covid-19 and the acceleration of the Black Lives Matter movement, The lockdown compelled soul searching and a quest for belonging whether spiritually, culturally, or socially. This prompted Hannah to question her “why” and what her purpose is. Hannah built AFRINAAD a luxury Afrocentric brand with a significant mission, DNA, and identity. To fill the quest for consciousness and responsibility by providing the symbolism, history, and origin of each fabric chosen to wrap lensless frames. Conveying African culture, and proverbs and documenting history in each print. With each one's unique sense of style and current westernized fashion influence, the most convenient way to preserve our culture is through fusing modern-day fashion with Afrocentric-inspired accessories that complement most day-to-day outfits.

AFRINAAD Eyewear is about seeing the world through the lens of YOUR identity and belonging. Purposely lensless with the purposeful fabric choice that speaks to you.

You may not know where you come from but you have the knowledge to choose who you are - Hannah S

Every pair of AFRINAAD Eyewear frames is carefully handcrafted with special attention to detail in the creation of our limited edition series of each print and frame style combination. They are labeled 1-50 in our product packaging. We partner with local Ghanaian textile designers and producers to acquire materials and source our frames in limited quantities to ensure zero waste and sustainability in our production process.